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Our Mission
At Insight Physiotherapy, we work together with clients to overcome obstacles that prevent them from being at their best. Our aim is to find and solve the missing pieces of the puzzle that will enable patients to function without pain or limitation.
What we do
We strive for excellence throughout the recovery process. We also don’t believe in quick fixes, but treat the root cause of the problem. We will not only integrate focused hands-on treatment and individualized exercise therapy to maximize your progress, but also provide education to empower patients to better understand and take back control of their body.
Who we work with
Insight Physiotherapy can help resolve a wide range of conditions including spinal related pain (neck and low back) such as sciatica, muscles aches and pains such as Achilles and rotator cuff tendonitis, ankle sprains, low back and knee pain, headaches and dizziness.
Core Values
Collaboration: with our clients to reach their goals.
Compassion: understand the person, not just the problem.
Innovative: specific strategies for different problems.
Holistic: integration of the mind and body to maximize outcomes.
Honesty: straight answers without the fluff.


Manual therapy

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Performance Therapy

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Zachary Hum is a registered physiotherapist in British Columbia who has a keen interest in helping people get to the root of their problems. Whether it be recurrent ankle sprains or low back flare ups, Zachary will work with you to get you to where you want to be. He will not only assess the area of concern, but also look to other areas of the body that may be contributing to the problem.
Zachary seeks to expand his understanding of the human body through innovative courses to enhance his level of care. If the solution is not present, you can bet that he will work hard to find it.
In his spare time, Zachary enjoys playing guitar, reading books, and sports including rock climbing, basketball and table tennis.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the first visit, we will listen to your health concerns and discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals. You will have our undivided attention during the session and you can expect to spend 60-75 minutes during the initial assessment. This will be followed by a physical assessment involving a postural and whole body movement scan as well as a localized joint, muscle, and nerve exam.

Based on the findings of the exam, we will start to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to get your symptoms under control. Education will be provided about the problem and how physiotherapy can address it. We will also discuss expectations of the physiotherapy process and the path to recovery and optimal health. We will aim to create a positive change during the first visit, whether it is an improvement in pain, range of motion or strength in the affected muscles/joints.

We believe that you should always experience hands-on treatment on the first day to see whether physiotherapy is a good match for you. The type of treatment can vary based on the type and severity of the condition. Treatment can include soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, muscle activation techniques (PDTR), and stretching. The options will be fully explained to you prior to the start of the treatment.

With follow up sessions, there will be re-evaluations of symptoms, movement patterns and strength to identify if progress has been made. You should also experience symptom relief and improvements in overall function, strength, balance, and range of motion. From time to time, there may be an increase in symptoms, as your body tries to "catch up" to the changes made. If your body is used to moving in a certain way and we make a correction to a new normal, old muscle habits may cause a flare up in discomfort. Through constant re-evaluation, changes in exercises and therapy will be made in order to match the level of progress you make.

Insight Physiotherapy uses an integrated approach that draws from experience and evidence based therapies in order to provide optimal care for their clients. Each individual is different and therefore requires their own specialized treatment protocol. We have multiple treatment options or tools at our disposal to meet their unique needs.

Such modalities include: P-DTR, manual therapy – joint mobilizations with movement and manipulations, soft tissue therapy, movement restorative training, stretching, progressive strengthening methods, and nerve reconditioning.

Physiotherapy is an effective therapy that targets 3 phases of function:

Treatment: Reduces/resolves the symptoms of injury so that you can return back to the activities you enjoy.

Maintenance/Optimization: Fine tuning the body in order to recover faster, maintain or perform at a higher level of function.

Prevention: Reduces the risk/possibility of future injury so that you can do the activities you enjoy without fear of a re-occurrence.

Yes! Physiotherapy has a wide range of uses and can benefit anyone – individuals with acute or chronic symptoms, recurrent or unresolved injuries, and athletes/weekend warriors.

Such benefits include improvements in:
Balance & Coordination through the stimulation of reflexes and proprioceptive receptors
Mobility by minimizing and removing knots in muscles, joint restrictions
Neurological and Muscular Strength by optimizing the mind-body connection and exercise
Reduced dizziness/headaches/sound sensitivities through rebalancing of inner ear sensitivities and addressing cervical (neck) and cranial (head) related issues
Durability and fluidity through more efficient movement patterns and minimal restrictions

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